About Us

What is iTiggy?

Every single minute of every single hour of every single day, in all corners of the world, people are passing by each other like molecules.  Every once in a while two of these people will lock eyes or exchange a flirty smile – also known as a ‘missed connection’.  This will happen everywhere; on trains, in traffic, in shopping centres… everywhere.  But unless their lives are somehow wonderfully aligned these two people will travel on with their lives, never knowing but always wondering who that other person was, or what could have eventuated if they had had the courage to approach them.

There are many reasons why a person would resist the natural urges of curiosity and romance and avoid approaching the other person.  They may have been short of time, they may have feared being ‘rejected’ or they may simply have been too shy.

iTiggy is a brand new service which allows users to safely search for and make contact with that other person with the complete anonymity that the computer age provides.  The name refers to the new concept of people playing ‘eye tiggy’, whereby one person will ‘eye tag’ the other once they have locked eyes.

iTiggy is 100% safe, free and anonymous.  The only detail that users of our service will ever know about each other is their username.  There is no exchanging of names, e-mail addresses, photos, phone numbers or any other information, unless the user chooses to do so.  For more details see our Privacy Policy.

because life is just too short to have regrets…